Thursday, October 23, 2008

okay, who brought the tse-tse flies?

I'm tired.
Not "had a hard day" tired or "pulled an all-nighter" tired - just plain tired.
In fact, i've been tired all month and i'm becoming unamused.
I went to bed last night at 10:00. Monday I went to bed at 9:30.
On Sunday i went back to bed after breakfast and slept until 11:45 - i was 10 minutes late to my first session.
I haven't gone to the gym in 4 days.
I have been liberally applying my favorite legal stimulants - Diet Coke, techno-pop and Russell Crowe movies - but nothing seems to help.
Normally i swing a third wind around 9:00pm and can easily stay up till midnight or later, even though i get up around 5:30am. Suddenly i've hit a wall and there is no third (or fourth) wind. Even when i've had a long day i can normally will myself through getting stuff done or if i go to bed early i will get up at 4:00 to accomplish things.
Not in the last month!
I never sleep this much unless i'm sick and as far as i can tell i am just fine except for the crazy sleepiness.
This is unacceptable.
Things are not getting done.
I had 4 birthdays this week and have sent exactly zero cards. In fact, i haven't even made them yet.
Crap, i don't even have stamps and when was the last time i was out of stamps?
I have 4 blog posts started, but not finished.
I need to write 75 thank you notes and have done 4 of them.
I have been working on a huge semi-secret project for a month; it should have been done already, but i can't seem to push through the last few steps.
I can not maintain all of the stuff i need to maintain and sleep 8 flippin' hours a night.
That's simply redonkulous.
I want my schedule back.
I'm supposed to donate platelets on Saturday - how am i possibly gonna be energized enough for that?
I need your help.
If anyone has suggestions about what might be wrong or legal ways to remedy the problem I'd gladly welcome them.
And if you've put a voodoo curse on me - cause that is what it feels like - would you be so kind as to lift it?

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Erin said...

75 thank you notes? what, did you get married or something?