Thursday, October 2, 2008

Today's Post Brought to You by the Letter C and the Number 7

Fashion people always go on and on about cashmere : how it makes the best sweaters, how soft and comfy it is, how it makes strong, beautiful knitwear. Of course they never really point out how expensive it is; instead, it's always You'll get your money's worth with cashmere. But come on, people, this stuff is like $100 for a scarf. Needless to say, cashmere has never graced the Nikiverse. Until now. On lunch one day last week we went to a Salvation Army store to kill some time. I was looking at tank tops cause sweater season is coming and all of last seasons are too big. I wandered over to sweaters - my favorite item of clothing - and saw a lovely sweater set (cardigan over a short-sleeved sweater or tank in the same material for those of you who have no idea) in my favorite color - dark purple. I am not a typical sweater set kinda girl, but i have been doing a lot of interviews lately (anyone need a job, btw : i still have 2 openings) and need some nice office clothes. Upon investigation i found that it was not quite my size. sigh... then i saw the label : cashmere. I had to try it on. Though it is a little too big, it fit pretty well. And it's my favorite color - in cashmere. I can always roll those sleeves up. And how much for this great find?
Yep. 7 bucks. For cashmere. I love you, Salvation Army. I will drop extra money in the red bucket when the bell ringers come in December.


Megan said...

What a great find! SA, Goodwill, thrift stores, yard sales etc - you find the greatest stuff!! and the prices can't be beat!

Melanie said...

Very pretty! You go, smart shopper!