Monday, January 26, 2009

31 Days

You know i generally avoid news - it is just so darn depressing. However, when i sign into e-mail i do at least read the headlines on MSN and Yahoo. Of course that means i am also exposed to the filler on the front pages and i admit that i sometimes click and read whatever catches my eye. Over the weekend there was a story about women who did one tiny self-improvement thing everyday for 31 days and how that one little change added up over the month. I am interested in self-improvement, but i am inherently lazy and a creature of habit so this sounded just right for me. Though i am still going to the gym and working on yoga i have found that my regiment at home has suffered (read : non-existent) since the holidays (read : Labor Day), soooooooo for the next 30 days (i did it this morning already) i will set my alarm clock one minute earlier and do crunches before i get into the shower. So says I!

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