Friday, January 23, 2009


Every year for Christmas my dad sends me a box of the greatest citrus Florida has to offer - the honeybell tangelo. It is sweet like candy and tastes like you are eating orange juice. It is ridiculously yummy. Plus, i love the funny bell shape. Though it is a Christmas present, the box doesn't arrive until January cause that is when they are ripe. look at that box of loveliness My box came about 2 weeks ago and we have been eating and enjoying them since. I commented at work that i was sad that i was nearly out of honeybells and when i got home guess what was waiting for me? YES!!! Another box of orangey goodness! Turns out the growers were supposed to replace my brother's shipment cause something was wrong with it, but they resent my shipment instead. Since it was their mistake i don't have to send it back and i have more honeybells. Come on over if you want one.


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Crazy my BF's mom just bought me a box of those on Saturday. They are yummy but expensive!!