Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Whole Lotta Holiday

Less than a week in and it feel likes 2009 is already getting away from me! Coming back to work after 2 weeks away is so busy it sometimes makes me wonder if it is worth it to go away at all. Anyhoo, i'd planned on a little post every day over the last week to show the rest of my holiday, but i think i'll just cram it all in one. Here we go : Favorite Presents I got a lot of good stuff, like a new briefcase that i desperately needed, but there are 2 that really stick out as being awesome Yes, that is a Hello Kitty lunch bag. It makes me smile; i really giggled when i realized she was holding a pink lunch box on my pink lunch bag Wanna cookie? My sister got me 21 watches, well really one watch with 21 bands How freaking cool is that? Pick a color, any color. Plus there are matching bezels for each band Boxing Day Brunch My sister sent a present for me and a present for mom, but she also sent a present to both of us from Swiss Colony. I love, love, love presents from Swiss Colony and this year she sent us one of the breakfast combos with 2 pancake mixes, a wee ham, syrups, jellies, and date bread. Mom wasn't feeling real great on Boxing Day so she slept in and i laid on the couch watching the House marathon on USA. At about 1:00 i made us brunch with apple cinnamon pancakes and fried ham Nokomis Beach It was unseasonably warm in Florida so i went to the beach on Saturday It was so warm in fact that i went swimming; the water was cold, but bearable. I love swimming out until you get to the place where you can't touch bottom anymore and i love how you have to actively swim against the waves and wind and tide just stay in the same place. It was really peaceful in the Gulf except when the pelican buzzed my head to see if i was food or not. This beach is one of my favorite places on the planet. My grandparents used to bring us here when i was little; it was were i learned to love the water. The water is this cool shade of green that is like jadeite It is always kinda weird to be in a totally different climate than you are used to; i mean swimming in December? Plus while i was laying out a lady bug came to visit; at home all of the insects are long dead or gone. I noticed something at the beach this year : you can tell locals by the fact that they face their chairs towards the sun, while the tourists face towards the water RIP Basketville I also spent some time driving around and going to some of my favorite local spots. I was horrified when i saw that Basketville was closed. This was a quintessential Florida store - it had high end interior design items and candy gator eggs. I bought my dad a really nice set of windchimes here one year, but the next year i got him a statue of a frog playing croquet. It was a mish-mash of kitchy, crazy things and $200 baskets - really. I'll miss you, Basketville. Sloth I spent a great deal of time doing the most un-Niki-like thing I can think of : watching tv for hours at a time. Literally i laid on the couch with a warm breeze blowing through from all of the open windows and watched cable. It was unproductive and, considering how much i ache from seeing my trainer last night, actually counter-productive in some ways, but it was really, really, really relaxing. Overall, i'd call it a lovely holiday. Now back to reality.

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