Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I would not consider myself an extravagant person. I like really nice things, but i've worked at a non-profit my whole adult life so i'm pretty much at piece with not having everything i like. you won't believe what i bought. I love, love, love this perfume. Love it. Did i mention that i love it? I had a tiny little sample of it in high school. I hoarded it and sparingly used it drop by drop. It was too precious to me to waste. I managed to extend the life of that wee vial for as long as humanly possible. I wore the final drop when i lost my virginity. I love this perfume. Really. However, it is freaking expensive. For years and years i've wanted some, coveted it, dreamed about it. You will never believe it, but for the first time ever it was in the locked case at WalMart. It was still more than i would normally pay for perfume (or almost anything), but it was way cheaper than normal. So i bought it. Sometimes ya just gotta treat yourself.


Kaaren said...

Reminds me of me and a Gucci purse.

In high school, I wanted a Gucci purse, I coveted a Gucci purse. Living in government housing with a mom working two jobs really put the kaibash on that.

My Junior year of colece, GO GATORS, my then 15 year old younger sister spends a weekend with me at UF. She brought me my birthday present; a Gucci Purse.

My then 15-yr-old sister slaved away at Burger King, Chuck-E-Cheese and Blockbuster to buy ME, then 20, a Gucci purse.

Kaaren said...

colece = College. How the heck did that typo happen?

srapalmateer said...

My mom would not purchase that perfume for me...she thought it was "too old" for me in high school. So, when I went to Paris (as a senior in HS) and we visited a perfume factory, I bought a small bottle (way cheaper than here). The bottle had no label except for the perfume factory. Mom was none the wiser!

Erin said...

Is it ok that I giggled at the "locked behind the counter at Walmart" part?