Thursday, July 9, 2009

the adventures of glass-arm woman

After 15 years i can still be surprised. Today was a super-fun, good day full of treats, but there was a moment when i almost died laughing. Team member Amy was drying glassware and I was wrapping it. She had reached into the giant graduated cylinder and was singing a little song about how absorbent the paper towel needed to be to get the job done (i kid you not) when i hear a pause and then this : Amy : ummmmm... Miss Niki... I think i'm stuck... Niki : No you aren't. You've got this; just ease your arm out. Amy : No. Miss Niki. It's stuck. Niki : giggle Hold still. Don't flex. Keep your arm still; i'll hold the glass and you gently pull back. Nothing happened. Not a budge, nothing. I mean, her arm was stuck in this $100 piece of glassware. Niki : BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I just need a second. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Just, just hold a second and then we'll get it off. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Amy : It's okay. I understand if you need to go get your camera. (does my team know me or what?) People, it was so funny i almost peed. It was so funny i couldn't breathe. I could just imagine her flailing about like a cartoon and eventually us getting so frustrated we'd just bash the glass against the wall to free her arm. After i caught my breath and could get a good look at it, I eased my finger past the bicep and pushed the skin away from the glass to allow air into the tube. Viola! off in 2 seconds. Man i love my job. And i love science.

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Kaaren said...

Poor Amy. With you laughing at her. *snort*