Thursday, July 30, 2009

Skyline Drive

Sunday morning found me laying in bed trying to ignore the call of the road.
 I have laundry to do i told the road.
I need to go grocery shopping i said.
My studio is a mess i reasoned.
But the road was insistent.
 I didn't have to be at work for 48 hours and the sun was shining.
It was time to drive.
  I headed west because in the height of summer you don't wanna head beachwards. At the crucial I-70/I-81 juncture i decided to head south through West Virginia
  (look at the awesome clouds, people)
towards Skyline Drive. I've told you before how much i love Shenandoah National Park. It is relaxing and breath-takingly beautiful to drive the windy road through the Blue Ridge Mountains.
  The world seems simpler and more clear up here.
I drove for a good long while, stopping at the Visitor Center and various overlooks to read and take pictures. Eventually i made my way to
Big Meadows Lodge at mile marker 53 where i rented a cabin for the night.
Technically, i rented a half of a cabin. Generally when i travel i really only need a bed, a shower and a toilet. That is pretty much exactly what this half-cabin had to offer
It was tiny, but clean and cozy.
It did have one cool feature, though
a large fireplace.
There will be a separate post about my midnight adventures with this fireplace. After settling in, i was off to find a good place to watch the sunset.


Kaaren said...

How far of a drive was it?

Anonymous said...

(Bird Nerd Alert) - While in Big Meadow in Shenandoah, we saw more eastern bluebirds than I knew could exist in one place.

Oh, Shenandoah!

Niki said...

Kaaren - It is 2-3 hours from Baltimoer depending on what road you take. Your husband could give you detailed directions and time estimates; you know that's his thing. ;-) n