Saturday, July 18, 2009

veggie destiny

I wanted some zucchini, but i had a looooong day of work (10:30 show at one location and 4:00 show in another) in one of the more remote sections of one of the more remote counties on Maryland. Plus i wasn't carrying any cash on me, even if there was a grocery store any place to be found.
As team member Miriam and I drove around between our shows enjoying the sunshine and killing time i found 2 random dollars in a pocket of my briefcase.
About 40 minutes later we happened upon this
Could it be any quainter?
Or, if you prefer, more quaint?
It really was a ramshackley vegetable stand at the corner of no and where.
 Look at that sky, that grass, that crazy sticker lettered sign.
I swear it looked like a set on location in a Coen Brothers movie; i half expected George Clooney to pop up some place.
Of course we drove up the road a piece to find a place to turn around and went back to investigate.
There was a self-serve cash box 
and guess the price on zucchini...
That's right - $2!
And that would be $2 a box, not per squash. So i got 5 zucchinis for 2 bucks. They were meant for me.


Kaaren said...

I have never ever seen a self-service veggie stand. That's crazy talk.

Francie the "wise" said...

That's great. And you're right, even the way the clouds are in the sky is very Coen brothers-esque. And of course you had to drive "up the road a piece," because that's just the sort of situation in which one needs to use that phrase.

Happy zucchini. With that much zucchini I hope you're planning a dinner party that involves ratatouille and/or at least a couple loves of bread.

Niki said...

Ratatouille uses zucchini?
I need to find a recipe - quick. And more zucchinis.