Saturday, July 11, 2009

Evening music

Catonsville loves the free music and the free dancing. The Lurman Woodland Theater Summer Series is in full swing, people. The last concert i attended there was Junkyard Saints. They play New Orleans-style party music, sorta; really they play a cool, eclectic mix of stuff that needs a horn section. You know i can really get behind a seven piece band, especially when the frontman sometimes straps on an accordion! No matter who is playing at Lurman you get this guy dancing but when a super-fun band like the Saints are there you also get kids dancing swing dancing and this guy - who had to 93 if he was a day- dancing It really is a fun, community thing to do on Saturday and Sunday nights during the summer. The next Sunday concert (that would be July 12th or tomorrow) is one of my favorites of the season, Deanna Bogart. She's a blues-jazz-country-rock-piano-chick and she's reallllly good. You should come.

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