Sunday, July 5, 2009

Beautiful Day, part 3

As we left Scranton I remembered that the largest concrete bridge on the east Coast is somewhere near by. I wasn't sure where, but we set out to find it. There was much driving around. We headed one way on 11. Then the opposite way on 11. Then we were on 92 for a while. Then we turned around. Then we found out we had turned around too soon and turned around again. We drove and drove mostly in zigzags. But it was a beautiful day so we didn't mind. The road took us up and down mountains and next to the Susquehanna river. It was gorgeous. We stopped and got ice cream. It was such a gorgeous evening that neither of us really cared if we found the bridge. That is, until we found it. It was unspeakably large. I squealed when we saw it in the distance. The town of Nicholson seems to be hiding in the shadow of the bridge. This viaduct built in 1913 is one of the most impressive man-made objects i have ever seen. Because it took us 2.5 hours to go the 21 miles from Scranton to Nicholson we arrived at sunset You'll have to believe me that it was even more beautiful in real life. I honestly can't describe how impressively huge this thing was or what it was like to stand under it There was a little park with a postcard view of nearly the entire span I would love to drive on the bridge, but alas it is only for trains. Of course, since it was a Beautiful Day as we drove to find a place where we could get a good picture of the name on the front of the bridge, a train did indeed pass over it Can you believe that? sigh. What a beautiful day.

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