Monday, December 7, 2009

appropriately girlie

About a week ago, my friend Francie called and asked if i was up for a planned adventure. She needed a car and a driver that was "appropriately girlie" to go on a wedding dress expedition. Well, i am certainly appropriately girlie. Plus, i had the dress. Waaaaaay back in my closet, Francie's bitchin' E-bay-on-sale wedding dress has patiently been waiting for over 2 years for the right boy to come along. Every 6 months or so I take it out of the bag, hang it in the breeze to air out and then re-wrap it and put it back in storage. Finally the boy has made the scene (though Jake is in Portland so he can't really help with wedding errands) so it is time for the dress to go forth to the seamstress for alterations. looks a bit like a dead body in my back seat We were going to Stella's in Highlandtown, but we didn't know it was in Highlandtown so we went the other way on Eastern Avenue and ended up in Middle River... Anyhoo, after some tele-conferencing, we made it to the correct place and Francie had her first fitting. The dress is so lovely; we get to pick it up later this week. Francie pictured here carrying an offensive butt bow that will not be making a wedding day appearance any where in the vicinity of her butt To finish off the day we went to lunch, spent time buying stocking stuffers and hair color in Target and went shoe shopping; it really was a girlie outing. Plus, it gave me the opportunity to wear this newly acquired pin that frankly i was hard-pressed to find an occasion for: both classy AND understated


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