Wednesday, December 16, 2009

so my toaster broke

I realize that in the great scheme of the world my toaster breaking is not a big deal. I know that. But, dang, i loved that toaster. It was a wide-slot Oster. you could toast anything in it. Bagels fit, homemade bread fit, giant slices of king bread fit. Everything fit in that great toaster. And it toasted to the perfect level of brownness. It was even easy to clean. I mourn the passing of my toaster; especially since it broke halfway through cooking my breakfast. Plus, you know, this has been a tough week already. Not the worst week ever, mind you. It just feel like there's some questionable juju in the air. So when my toaster broke i knew that i had to take action. I did what any rational, reasonable person would do: i cut my hair. That is a big, old pile of hair - wow. holy crap; it is short I blew it dry to see the effect, but i didn't have any of the correct hair products for the new style (as you can see from the runaway frizziness) so i decided to pull it back to wear to work. This could take some getting used to.