Sunday, December 20, 2009

Perhaps you heard it snowed

 We all knew that we'd get some serious snow this year.
The past two winters were so mild as to almost be laughable,
so we were due.

In Baltimore the snow started Friday evening.
When i woke up Saturday morning it already looked like this.

 I love having a sunroom;
you can be outside without really being outside.

I went out for the first time Saturday around 8:30 am to survey the scene.
  6 inches over night

After digging out and clearing off my car i went back inside to settle in for a long day of reading and watching DVDs on the couch, with the Christmas tree lights on and the shades up so that i could watch the snow blanketing my house.
After a brief nap -lounging about really takes it out of ya- i went outside around 3:30pm.
12.5 inches in the front yard
I dug out and cleaned off my car yet again even though the snow was still steadily coming down; i figured i would rather do it several times than tackle the forecasted 2 feet all at once on Sunday.
 Before going inside i jumped backwards into the snow to make a snow angel

basically surrounding myself in snow.
It was beautiful and crisp, but mayhaps i should consider buying some snowpants before rolling around in it again.
It snowed for about 24 hours straight; never really heavy, but constant.
 Final reports differ around the city, but in my yard the snowfall ranged between 14 and 17 inches.