Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh Tannenbaum, part 2

I haven't had a Christmas tree at my house for about 8 years. Visiting my parents for Christmas means there wasn't a practical need for a tree and since i downsized to the apartment there really isn't any room. Most years it doesn't really bother me because i work right up to the time I get on the plane and don't have a chance to think about it. But this year, this year it really bothered me. Every year i will get one or two decorations out, but i haven't really dressed my home for the season since i moved into the apartment. Space is an issue, time is an issue, but the big issue is that i couldn't bear to look through the boxes. Up in the very top of my closet are the boxes of Christmas decorations that i salvaged during the move. Most of them haven't been opened in 3.5 years. when the family went their separate ways one of the hardest afternoons in packing was doing the Christmas storage area. We had 50 years of accumulated memories to sort through, claim, pack away and dispose of; I honestly can't remember what i kept and what got tossed. Chunks of my childhood were wholesale taken to the dump and i just haven't been able to open the boxes to see what is -or isn't- inside of them. This year as i was contemplating what to do about missing having a tree I got a call to go tree trimming with some friends. While i was there i was gifted a tabletop tree already strung with white mini lights. SQUEAL! I get to have a tree this year. Yes, it is a wee tree and yes, it is an oddly long shape, but it is mine. After cleaning off the stereo cabinet in front of the living room window and running electricity it was time to decorate. I stood in front of my closet staring at the boxes for a long time. A long time. But in the end i couldn't do it. I considered leaving it with just the lights on it. That would be a first step, a baby step, a step in the right direction. Then it occurred to me that i had some chandelier crystals that would look nice and sparkly with the lights. As i dug them out from various spots in the studio (breaking one in the process - sadness) i came across some jewelry strands of beads, crystals, pearls and gold chain. Onto the tree they went as garland. A red crystal pin inherited from my maternal grandma was added as the topper. Given the white and gold motif, i swaddled the tree stand and cabinet-top in gold lame and added pieces from the white ceramic nativity my paternal grandma painted for me It is completely non-traditional and a bit haphazard for me, but i am pleased with the result; especially at night when the tree is the only light i keep on the living room. Thanks to Nancy for the tree. It makes my heart happy, even in its wonkiness. At this rate i might actually open those storage boxes in a year. Or two. Maybe.


Melanie said...

Very pretty!

Douglas said...

Perfect addition to The Nikiverse : )