Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gentleman - start your ovens!

Happy National Brownie Day! For me, the baking started on Saturday night. When making multiple batches, it is important to get everything together at once. Yes, i use box mix for brownies - it's just easier. Since this is the last year fTM Matt will be with his grad school family in California so i wanted their NBD celebration to be special so i planned for 8 different batches of brownies, which resulted in brownies cooling everywhere: on the stove, (plain and toasted coconut) on the radiator, (white chocolate polka dot and dark chocolate & mint chip) on the floor, (pecan and confetti) and out on the porch. (i always do one experimental batch and this year's was strawberry jam; they looked good, smelled good and tasted good, but had a structural integrity problem - they needed to be eaten with a spoon) Ever wondered what 12 dozen (that's a gross, people) brownies look like? Ready to be boxed and shipped to SoCal. Last night i made two more batches for the team: frosted M&Ms and peanut butter chip Enjoy some brownies today and rejoice in the people in your life!

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