Saturday, July 10, 2010

bullet points for the last 3 weeks

Let's catch up, shall we?
- summer programming started
- i tried mixing up accessories in funky ways, with mixed results
- invited one of the artists that i met at the Catonsville exhibition, Mary Jo, over to my studio to show her how to use embossing powders to create one-of-a-kind papers (a new thing for June)
- cancer scare with my mom
- first anxiety attack in over a decade
- tried a massage chain (who knew there was such a thing?) called Massage Envy when my massage therapist was fully booked during aforementioned anxiety attack; it was very different, but got the job done (and counts as another new thing for June!); i really liked the heated table; pricey, but there is a discount for a first visit; if you go to the one in Columbia, ask for Inger - she was excellent
- finished the fiscal year at work
- flew to Florida
- spent a lot of time at doctor's offices
- got a vicious, patchy sunburn because of poor sunblock application (i blame the excellent book i was reading at the time) and look like a leper;
 yes, those are really finger marks in the sunburn from where i grazed my knee with sunblock
 - celebrated my dad's birthday with him for the first time in 4 years at a beautiful outdoor restaurant in Cape Coral
- got 27 mosquito bites, some on my sunburn
- it rained for 3 days straight in FL; mom and i barely left the house, but hung out reading and watching Clean House
- i read 6 books in 7 days
- only disturbed on vacation by work once for some epic van shenanigans (lost power on I-495 during rush hour - yikes), but my team did a great job handling everything and only called me afterwards to keep me in the loop
- Grandma went into the hospital in Ohio and the report has been wildly fluctuating and drastically different every day: either she is fine or she is dying, one of the two
- 3 friends had babies within 6 days of each other, 2 on the same day; welcome to Margaret, Ella and Avi!
 - took a lovely golf cart constitutional; am preparing the next installment in my hard hitting expose on retirement life - look for a separate post
- spent time feeding the fish and turtles, which have gotten even bigger
- celebrated Independence Day with my mom by simultaneously watching A Capitol Fourth on tv and the local fireworks that we could see from her porch
- attacked by the metal, toilet paper cover in the bathroom at the airport; i swear i didn't touch it; it just suddenly came unlatched while i was sitting there and crashed down on my leg
- after extricating myself from the bathroom stall, i flew home just in time for the East Coast heatwave
 - inferno-like temperatures drove me to busting out the bitchin' car sunshield that i bought years ago, but have never used (it was actually part of a prank that fTM Matt and I were going to pull on fTM Rob) after nearly scorching my skin off on my steering wheel
- more van shenanigans at work with a high-speed blowout on I-83 (thank God no one was hurt) and a speeding ticket within 2 hours of each other
- dismissed a member of the team; it has been a long road with this person, but they were out of chances; i felt like crap, but it was the right decision
- totally reworked the schedules and am happy that there are only 4 days when i have to perform by myself
- finally finished Collin's custom cards
- kicked serious a** at trivia
- cleaned my house in anticipation of my Tastefully Simple party on Monday
- am currently preparing to house sit and doggy sit, which means i will have air conditioning and internet for the next week!

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Kaaren said...

Damn. I need a nap now. You've made me very tired.

Glad our mom is doing well. Sorry you had to let go of a team member, but you did give them a chance (if it was the same one from a post a while back).