Sunday, July 18, 2010

anything for some attention

I've been housesitting for fTM Kate this week.
You might recall that she has an energetic and entertaining beagle, but she also has a cat named Millie.
Millie is the eldest animal in the house.
She comes and goes as she pleases, meows for treats and tolerates your presence, as long as you are quick with the treats.
She is less than amused by the dog. He damages her calm.
The last few days, Millie has really warmed up to me, coming over to wherever i am sitting to have her head scratched and purring. Of course, as soon as Guiness hears purring he come running - no one gets attention but him. She growls, he wags his tail, she hisses, he charges, she runs. I know he really just wants to play, but he ends up chasing Millie off every time she gets close to me.
A few minutes ago it came to a head while i was checking my email.
Millie decided she was gonna get some attention with no risk of the dog interfering:
 I'm sure this breaks some sort of house rule, but how can i say no?

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