Monday, July 19, 2010

use what ya got

I was performing in a rec center downtown.
I'm pretty sure that the last time this place was renovated was the 60s. The murals of kids playing sports did include the wide range of diversity of having both white boys and white girls. Oh, and there was a kid with glasses.
Despite the surroundings i was impressed that the director was trying his best to do right by his kids, providing them with a safe and fun environment.
The place felt scrappy and resilient.
I was musing on that when i noticed the clock over our performance space
  yes, those numbers have been written on;
 no, i have no idea what happened to the glass or the original numbers;
 yes, that was the correct time;
 yes, it did make me laugh like a hyena;
yes, i love it when people just use what they have.
It's scrappy.
And resilient.

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Douglas said...

at least the 7 and 2 look different from each other on that one...