Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm not a suburbanite mom,

... but i play one on tv.
 For one of my "new things" this month i am hosting a Tastefully Simple party tomorrow night. I have never done it and am trying to have people over to my house on a more regular basis in an effort to keep it clean. If you've never been to a Tastefully Simple party, it is just like any of the other direct-order product parties: Tupperware, Pampered Chef, PartyLite, that lingerie one and the highly suspect "adult toys" one.
 Basically, you sit around chatting while a consultant tells you about the product and you try it (which is why i am so freaked that there is an "adult toys" one...).
 They also try to convince you to start selling the product. It is an interesting study in group psychology.
But the reason i picked Tastefully Simple as the product i am going to host a party with, is because it is a food product, so we get free samples.
 I love free samples.
 I am spending this evening mixing up dips and baking almond pound cake.
 I have decided to do things a bit differently -anyone surprised?- by not just making the samples into the suggested dips, but actually making some different types of appetizers, as well as a light meal -
Bold & Bossy beef sandwiches with Tomato & Garlic Pesto corn-off-of-the-cob.
 I didn't ask my consultant if it was okay to deviate from the directions,cause i didn't want her to tell me No. Plus, the point of the thing for me is to have some people over and i can't have people over without cooking for them. There is still room at the table if anyone wants free food Monday, July 12th at 7pm.
 If you'd like to order some of the food, but can't make it to my house, you can go to the website, under shop our products, and there is a button to search for a host - put in my name (it is under Nicole instead of Niki), Maryland and July 12th.
Wish me luck in this endeavor; i have a secret fear that no one will come.
 I gotta go make a Backyard BBQ Dip appetizer pizza with chicken and scallions now.


Melanie said...

Hope your party is going well, and wish we were there to enjoy your tasty treats!

Rea said...

It's not nice to stereotype!!

Niki said...

Rea- that's true... but name the last time you knew a single, 39 year old girl, living alone in an apartment with a kitchen the size of a bicycle hosting a direct order product party...

Rea said...

Ummm...ummm...ummm....I think TWO bicycles could fit in your kitchen! So how did everything go? Will we get a blog about it???

Niki said...

It went really well: the food came out well, my consultant wasn't mad that i did more than required (though she did make it a point to tell people that if they hosted a party they did not have to do everything i did) and 10 people came!
It was fun and i meant to take pics, but i was so busy that i totally forgot. oops.

Douglas said...

WOW! your kitchen previously described as the size of a postage stamp grew to the size of A BICYCLE!? It appears anything IS possible in The Nikiverse.