Sunday, July 18, 2010

hello there, Collin

So you say that fTM Erin had a baby back in May?
Mayhaps you recall that baby Collin had some health issues right after he was born. And then i reported nothing more. That isn't because he didn't get better, but more because i am lame. Collin stayed in the hospital for just over a week. I went to meet him when he was 17 days old:
  See? He's fine and wearing overalls.
After mom fed him I got some quality baby cuddle time:

In the fTM Erin house there are also 2 cats and 2 dogs that enjoy attention, as well.
The longer i sat with Collin, the more animals showed up to hang out:
It was a lovely visit where everyone in the family seemed to be doing well and slowly adjusting to each other. I went back 10 days ago when he was almost 7 weeks old to deliver his custom cards. The household had definitely fallen into a rhythm of dogs, cats, parents and baby swirling together in well controlled chaos. It had been a tough night for mother and child (the first bad one in 7 weeks actually) so after a little visiting I took the baby so that mom could nap.
Once Collin finally went down the whole household slept while i watched Harry Potter.
It was so peaceful i didn't even dare disturb it by taking pictures.

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Erin said...

Holy crap..i didn't realize how much he had changed in those weeks! And now he's 2 months on Thursday! Thanks for letting me sleep btw =)