Friday, July 16, 2010

you say there was an art exhibition?

Yes, indeedy bob, there was an art exhibition.
It was a lovely, though wretchedly hot, day in Catonsville.
If you recall waaaay back then, i decided a day before the event to take a second piece and to take some hand painted cards. After seeing how other people had laid out their works for sale i also decided to step up my presentation. The morning of the opening i inked and glittered a flower and wired it to a basket, with a collaged card with my contact info under it.
It looked nice on the table with my cards in it and my shabby hope leaning against it.
I was so nervous and excited and overwhelmed that i forget to take many pictures once people started to arrive, but i did manage one snap of the wall right inside the door.
My new piece is in the middle on the bottom under the lady in the blue hat:
  and my second piece is the bottom one that normally hangs right inside my front door. I decided not to sell either piece, but i did sell over half of the cards i made for the event.
 Thanks to Jason, Kate, Bebe, Dash, Franci, Charlotte, Nancy, Karen and Amy for coming to see me.
 It was amazing and a bit surreal to see my name on a gallery wall.
 Now i need to make a new art goal.

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Rea said...

Very NICE!!