Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chillin' in Portland

Once my cat mission was completed i went home with Francie, Jake and Mari to their cool apartment in the quirky neighborhood of St John's. Much like my neighborhood it has a small town feel and you really don't need to leave for anything. In fact, i didn't leave St John's except to go out to dinner the first night to celebrate our arrival and Nancy's birthday.
St John's has it's own bridge separating it from the rest of Portland. I went to a local bookshop, the farmer's market, a Mexican place with fabulous burritos and giant pinatas, several antique stores, a seriously quirky thrift store, a vegan lunch place where i had pumpkin soup and a diner straight out of a movie.
But you'll have to take my word for it because i didn't take any pictures of any of it.
As in, not one.
In fact, the whole five days i visited with Francie i took exactly 4 pictures,
all while we were at the park with Mari.
Who can resist a little red-head in overalls?
After the previous week of new states and driving and cats i really just wanted to hang out and rest.
 It would cross my mind that a particular sight might make a cool blog post, but then the feeling would pass.
I spent a lot of time reading and writing Etsy descriptions and watching YouTube and catching up with friends and napping. Definitely napping. Mari was having a bad bout of teething so sometimes we'd nap together.
Sure, the baby snores
and there is much teething drool,
but chest naps are great.
It was a relaxing and wonderful visit.

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Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwww i LOVE it when babies fall asleep on (with)'s sooo sweet (and relaxing!) long as they're in the "nice smelling" baby mode LOL