Friday, October 26, 2012

tastes like autumn - cruchy, chewy, sticky autumn

I have never eaten a caramel apple before.
I've had apples with caramel, but never one of those gooey yummies on a stick.
I realized this in the grocery store when i saw a display of candy and caramel apples on sale for 89 cents each.
Less than a dollar for a new experience?  Yes, please.
It was a gorgeous fall day in Maryland so i sat in my favorite spot on the porch, breathed in the sunshine and tried my caramel apple.
The tart apple, sweet caramel and crunchy nuts were a fabulous combination, but man did it take forever to eat. Figuring out how/where to even take that first bite took a while. All three layers present their own masticating challenge so i felt like i chewed and chewed and chewed each bite forever, which is better for digestion but heck on the jaw.
I ate about half before i was ready for a break so i wrapped it up to finish after dinner.
Definitely a fan of the taste combo and i can see why the caramel apple is a fall fixture, but i think that i will stick to the sliced version that is more bite-sized and only messy instead of really, really messy.
Unless i'm at a fair. Or a festival. Or some other food-on-a-stick event.

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Anonymous said...

it's hell on your dental work too! LOL but they sure are tasty! I've layered it up before by slicing an apple up, putting the carmel dip (usually sold next to apples in the grocery) - much easier on the choppers
ps - have you had a CANDY apple? mmmm or a carmel milk chocolate white chocolate apple? the varieties are ENDLESS