Monday, October 15, 2012

Welcome to NikCo! (again)

My Etsy shop is re-open for business!
Go now.
Before you go, here is the link to like NikCo on Facebook.!/pages/NikCo/361111847309832
You should know that i only started with 80 items, but i am already planning my first shop update which include a bunch of cards.
Now you can go.
No... wait...
I'm sure i've explained that ReWearables are made from vintage and salvaged pieces and Quirkees are made from fun modern pieces, but i wanted to be sure you remembered.
Also, for October i have Halloween earrings in the Quirkees section and a special section for Pink Ribbon earrings.
When you go to the main store it is all mixed together, but there are buttons in the upper left-hand corner to go to a particular product line.
Okay...   i think that is everything... be sure to share this with everyone you've ever met!

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Rea said...

WOOHOO! Looks great! Off to PIN everything.