Sunday, October 21, 2012

finding my stride

It seems like i am finally falling into a routine of being self-employed, neither too slothful or too manic.
I've signed up for 2 more craft fairs next month, scheduled shop updates and continue to look for a physical space for the holiday season. But i am also getting enough sleep, enjoying my affair with the YouTube and getting out to see people a few times a week.
I debated about using this quote from one of my favorite book, Life of Pi by Yann Martel to describe how i feel right now. It could be read as if i am saying that i don't need help from other people -which is untrue and ridiculous on a number of levels- but i am really focused on the last line:
I should not count on outside help. Survival had to start with me. In my experience, a cast-away's worst mistake is to hope too much and do too little. Survival starts by paying attention to what is close at home and immediate. To look out with idle hope is tantamount to dreaming one's life away.


Anonymous said...

YouTube addiction, you say? Feast your eyes on the worst improv comic - ever.



Niki said...

Thanks for sharing, Frack.
BTW, it is an affair, not an addidction.