Monday, March 4, 2013

Austrian Sphinx

I was talking to my charming BFF a few days ago when she commented that now that I no longer travel for a living there has been a dearth of insanity in the Nikiverse. 
Amen, sister. How I miss discovering crazy things in hidden places.
Rea challenged me to go on an adventure by my dad’s house and find something. 
Challenge accepted! 
But I’m in Ft. Myers, FL – how much zaniness can there be? 
I remembered a few years ago that when my plane took a different approach than normal to the airport I could have sworn that I saw a group of white pyramids for a moment before we landed. 
In Florida?  
That would certainly qualify as insanity. 
Especially a whole village of them:
photo from website
Built in 2001 as a vacation destination for Europeans, New University Pyramid Village features concrete laminated wood pyramids that are hurricane-proof. 
 There are large sections of laminated, mirrored, tinted, burglar-proof glass to allow maximum sunlight into the pyramids.
They sleep four and you can rent one for a week for $600-$900, depending on how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want. Some units even have a second floor.
It is tucked back in a residential neighborhood; if you weren't specifically looking for it, you'd never find it. Even with the address and directions i circled the blocks 4 times before i finally found the entrance.

 And if that isn’t zany enough for ya,
 there is a giant head just past the entrance. 

The legend goes that once there were Austrian pyramids (cause they were first specifically marketed in Austria) there needed to be an Austrian Sphinx and who better to be the pharoh’s head than Beethoven? 
Fun fact, Beethoven is a storage shed; yes, the genius’ head is now full of lawn equipment. 

So Rea, how’s that for insanity?

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Rea said...

OMG!! That is INSANE! And AS IF burgler proof pyramids weren't crazy enough...let's add Beethoven. Alas HE still has his nose....but a head full of lawn implements?!

OK, this is Hi-LAR-ious!

Not only did you take said challenge, you surpassed my expectations...and the fact that you kept it for the blog without leaking on the phone?! Phenom!