Wednesday, March 20, 2013

tortilla-less tacos and warm berries

In the never-ending fun that is my endocrine system, I have to go low-carb for three months.
That is a tall order for a girl whose favorite food is moni cheese and whose go-to dinner menu is mostly quesadillas and endless combinations of pasta and veggies.
If i remove tortillas, pasta and rice from my kitchen i almost don't know how to cook.
But a girl still has to eat.
I was thinking about those yummy lettuce wrap appetizers at PF Chang's and how you can order the burgers at Abbey Burger Bistro wrapped in lettuce and decided to try it with tacos.
I browned a combination of ground beef, ground turkey and diced onions and taco packeted it up.
Three big Romaine leaves were my taco bases which i layered with a bit of shredded cheese, the meat/onion mixture and then a tomato topping - salsa on one, verde hot sauce on one and one with fresh chopped tomatoes, which i am trying to teach myself to eat.
They were really delicious and messy to eat like regular tacos, though i missed the satisfying crunch of the shell; carrots had to stand in for my crunchiness.
There was plenty left over so i had tortilla-less breakfast burritos this morning.

I have a lot of fresh berries that need eaten and had recently seen a nice honey-lemon dressed berry recipe on Cooking with Tomo. His was served cold with fresh whipped cream, but i wanted something warm since it is still a bit nippy at night so i cut up and layered strawberries, black berries and blueberries in a small ramekin and preheated the oven to 400 degrees. I mixed and then drizzled honey and lemon juice over the berries and cooked them for about 25 minutes (at one point my oven went crazy and there was leaking gas so i'm not exactly sure how long they cooked as i had to do some repairs partway through the process).
I didn't have an heavy cream so i dolloped on some vanilla yogurt.

It was crazy delicious with the cold yogurt, warm soft berries and the blazing hot juice mixing together on my spoon.

Okay, maybe i can manage this low-carb thing.

Though i miss moni cheese even more than i miss Diet Coke.

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Anonymous said...

Good job! It all looks delicious!