Monday, March 4, 2013

tv time

Every year there is a golfcart parade on the Saturday of Resident’s Appreciation Weekend at my dad’s park. This year the theme was Classic Sitcoms; the Mid-Atlantic Club went with The Beverly Hillbillies. As per normal they went all in, this time turning a golfcart into the iconic long car from the opening credits.
Yes, there is a golfcart under all of that. Amazing, right? 

Here is our Ellie Mae, 
and Grannie all costumed up 
and ready to go. 

I love the hat Miss Lorraine is wearing as Grannie; she made it from a plastic bowl. 
It is those sorts of details that really make the difference. 
It is always fun to walk around the golfcarts and notice the tiny things that elevate a good idea to a great presentation. 
BTW, that stuffed pig has apparently been in the Mid-Atlantic Club longer than my dad; no one could even exactly pinpoint which year he had been made for the parade, but now he is a staple. 

Speaking of my dad, he wasn’t in the parade this year; as the president of the club he was in charge of getting lunch started since Mid-Atlantic had drawn hot dog duty this year: however, you already saw that Shirley rode as Ellie Mae. 

Dad was able to come down for a little while during set up to say hi to everyone and hang out; here he is with Klinger from MASH. 

Parade time! 
gotta have color guard, fire trucks and a drumline

love the Mickey gloves for waving
This is the first time I’ve seen Shriners at the parade.

I am sorry to say for Rea’s sake that they were indeed clowns, but I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen a real calliope being played in a parade, so I’ll look past the whole clown thing. 

The Canadian Club also did the Beverly Hillbillies, 
I love that they had a real dog marching, he joyously barked at all the spectators.

Midwest did Happy Days and the spin-off Laverne and Shirley. 
They had women dressed as carhops handing out root beer floats. 

The winner this year was New England with a truly impressive M*A*S*H:
The lights flashed, the helicopter blades spun, the bloody patient was hooked up to a liter of whiskey: it was amazing. As my dad said, you don’t mind losing when there is really stiff competition. I’m glad I wasn’t a judge. 
Finally, let’s see our very own Mid-Atlantic in motion: 

yes, he rode the entire parade in the outhouse
I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with next year.

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