Monday, March 4, 2013


While on vacation, I've been cleaning out photo files and came across a picture i took in Hawaii on the highway:

The pen on duct tape made me laugh out loud.
It seemed so ridiculous at the time, but when i saw it this morning it seemed inspired instead. The road crew didn't have what they needed to do their job so someone took the initiative to make due with what they could find.
A good reminder for self-employed artists.
Life can seem a trial. 
Sometimes resources are scarce. 
Adapting is key. 


Rea said...

Anything can be fixed with Duct Tape, and Sharpie!

Anonymous said...

I are NOT "anonymous," I are just not have an account here.

This is great! You're right, ya gotta admire the resourcefulness.


Anonymous said...

Purty good for dem gubment workers! LOL