Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Are You Blue?

In the last two weeks I have received several calls and e-mails from friends and/or family who are down in the dumps. I think it is February, a month the I believe should be renamed Crapuary. I have personal reasons for hating this month, but I feel like the weather, the amount of sunlight and the longing for Spring makes everyone feel just a little bit out of sorts. I am in surprisingly good spirits for this time of year. [weird dreams of Matt in a coma aside] In fact, I feel like I am in a better mood than most of the people I've been talking too, lately. For that reason, I have decided that if you need a smile, you can have one of mine. I spent much of last summer convalescing from a bitter illness and focused on positive aspects of my life by listing one thing that makes me smile everyday on the Lists of Bests website. It was an exercise in paying attention to the everyday things around me and in finding simple pleasures. I used to add an item every day, but now I add an item weekly because of time constraints. Feel free to look at what makes me smile. Some are obvious, while others are references to specific events that no one would understand but me. Hopefully you'll find some that make you smile as well. And ask yourself, "What made me smile today?"

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Melanie said...

I loved your list -- you made me smile today!!! :)