Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Welcome Friends

So last week there were a few snow days here in Maryland. Kate P [many of you would know her as Mrs. Jason] decided to use her time wisely to start a blog. From the name For the Love of Yarn I think you can ascertain what she will be talking about. Welcome to Kate! BTW, as I was adding Kate's blog to my list, I realized that there are several people's blogs that i read that many of you don't know. With their permission I have added them to the list as well. Erin [Just another day...] used to work for me until she moved laterally in the company. Francie [Francie in the Land of Beguines] [whom i often refer to by her given name Heidi and should not be confused with my high school best friend, Franci] ties Lynn as my longest running friend as we met in second grade. One of the things I love the most about adding these three links on the same day is that you couldn't manufacture three more different blogs, women or relationships in my life. It heartens me to realize I have such totally different people as friends and can thoroughly enjoy posts about cat antics, knitted hedgehogs and human sexuality as Christian symbolism. I am beyond lucky and well into blessed to have these women, and ALL OF YOU, in my life. Thanks.


Erin said...

Aw shucks Nik...*blushing*

srapalmateer said...

I think I feel some welling of tears...you're awesome, Niki!