Sunday, February 11, 2007

USPS should go Public

Ya know whose stock I would buy? - the United States Postal Service. I swear that the value of their stock would rise on what I spend there, alone. I don't know anyone else who has both a "postage" and a "boxes" line item in their personal budget. Not only do I have a mailing schedule set up at my house, I found out today that there is a 24 hour shipping kiosk inside of the central Post Office on Fayette St in Baltimore. I can now ship boxes and envelopes, Standard, Express or Priority, day or night; PLUS they have mail pickup 365 days a year (i assume 366 in Leap Years). Do you realize that this means that i could mail something to anyone of you at 3am on a federal holiday? Yippee!!! Technology is awesome, but I love me some Snail Mail!


srapalmateer said...

I would be right behind you in purchasing stock in the USPS! I spent about $30 on Saturday mailing bday presents and Valentine's to the nephews in SC. Can you say POORHOUSE????

Qlogr said...

Speaking of USPS going public I almost gave a woman who was delivering my mail a public arse whipping last week. I definently am not buying any stock from them now after what she said to me.