Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Sound of Ice Melting

It was almost 50 degrees today and WOW did it feel great to not need 47 layers to be outside. The warm weather seemed to make everyone act odd today, though. It was like a preemptive Spring Fever. I was in a middle school today (always a laugh riot), all the kids were in strange moods and right at the beginning of our last show, the school went into lockdown. That would be creepy enough, but at this school they have chosen not to announce "lockdown" instead this message came over the PA, "Attention please. All teachers, please read your e-mail immediately." Yeah, that's subtle. that will keep the kids from knowing something is amiss. And if you are a visitor in the school, set up in the media center with no teachers around and no access to their e-mail, you have NO IDEA what's going on. Eventually a media specialist showed up, whispered "we're in lockdown" and skittered away to start locking all of the access points to the library. When we heard "Attention, please. Teachers, please check your e-mail one more time," we knew it must have ended and a few minutes later our kids came rolling in for 25 minutes of a 50 minute show. The best part - we still don't know what happened. Apparently they don't tell the teachers until the next day. [though we did see some of Baltimore County's finest cruising the hallways] Did anything exciting happened at your job today?

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