Friday, February 9, 2007

Is it the Pod People?

In the last week I have gone to the gym 4 times, worked out with my personal trainer, seen my doctor when I was healthy (apperantly you are suppossed to have more than one check-up per decade), had blood taken without crying and started this blog. More than one person has asked if I am really Niki or if I have been replaced by an EBE. Nope. It's me. really. Besides, if this was an alien foothold situation, would i tell you?


Kaaren said...

I'm sure Colonel O'Neill would tell me if it were a foothold sitch. He & I are *that* tight.

Niki said...

But isn't he fishing this weekend?

Melanie said...

Four times at the gym? You rock!! Way to go, Niki! Meanwhile, our lazy selves haven't gotten around to joining the Y yet, though I have been doing my Pilates video! :)