Monday, February 26, 2007


There was a lovely break in the weather recently. In fact, on Thursday the only way to describe the day was GLORIOUS - the sun was out, it was warm (relatively), there were even birds singing (no lie) in February. I had already planned on a few days off, so i decided to go on an adventure. I picked a destination, planned a budget, told my staff (okay, i at least told Wendy) I'd be unreachable and even planned to rearrange my workout schedule to not miss strength training. Sunday I woke up head pounding, throat scratchy and a mucus factory. Okay, i think, I am the Queen of OTC meds. I'll just take a DayQuil-Aleve-Airbourne cocktail and be on my way. I wandered into the kitchen for water to wash it all down and find SNOW! It was supposed to rain in the afternoon and there it was snowing in the morning. I am talking huge, sticky flakes showering down and quickly coating everything in white. It was 45 damned degrees 16 hours earlier. There was some foot stomping and railing at the sky. Then i double-dosed NyQuil and went back to bed. Know what I hate? Being thwarted.

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