Monday, March 12, 2007

It's like drugs (without the pesky vomitting)

Last weekend I finally finished setting up my work space in the studio-half of the big room in my apartment so I spent this weekend working on cards. And by "this weekend" I mean from noon on Saturday when i got back from the gym to 2am today. I just couldn't stop. I decided to send in a submission to "the Stamper's Sampler" magazine. The topic was using stencils within the project, instead of as a tool. I thought i might do 2 or 3 cause I wasn't very inspired by the theme, but want to make submitting to various publications a habit so I gave it a shot. I am submitting 9 cards. NINE. There are some that i love and some that did not come out quite the way I wanted, but in the end it is the process that matters. I have always made cards as a form of affection, but I am finding as I get older that i actually NEED to create. Whether it is cards, collages, paintings or scrapbooking, the creative release is not only good for me, but apperantly imperative to my health and happiness. I have discussed this with one friend who is currently cut off from one of his own major creative outlets and he has a similar story. Do any of you find that the need to create goes beyond artistic expression and is instead a tool for mental health?


srapalmateer said...

Most definitely! That's why there is now more yarn at my house than scrapbooking supplies! Some days I wonder if I should spend the ENTIRE day knitting instead of going to work because it's going to be "ONE of THOSE days!"

Francie the "wise" said...

I also know exactly what you mean. If I go too long without some creative outlet I start to become really distracted and it's hard for me to focus myself on the things I'm actually supposed to be doing. The same is true if I go too long without any physical outlet, yoga or dancing or something. I start to feel very restless.