Friday, October 5, 2007

Blast from the Past

Francie is visiting from Belgium and last night was my allotted time. It was great to see her and her mom, Nancy. After dinner we decided to play a game and upon careful perusal of the game cupboard we pulled down Pictionary. When this game came out in the mid-late-80s i was a fiend for it. (you'll notice mine is a well loved first edition) When i moved it came with me for sentimental reasons (there was a time when my high school friend Brian D and i were such a scary psychic team that he could draw two lines and i'd know it was "Abraham Lincoln"), but I probably haven't played it in 15 years. In fact, it has been so long that i didn't recognize the board and had no idea what the letters on it signified. I had also forgotten how much FUN this silly game can be. There were some drawings that were amazingly detailed, such as Francie's rendering of the Marx Brothers or ones that became clear with two clues, like "Pluto" (i didn't get it on the dog, but had it immediately when she started the planets) There were drawings that i can't believe anyone was actually able to guess, like my shabby "beatnik" and ones that i can't believe anyone missed, like Miss Nancy's "pharaoh" Then there were the impossible ones. Miss Nancy did this lovely picture of a couple dancing near a city, but Francie and I just couldn't come up with "Madrid." And i got saddled with "conveyor belt" and penned what i thought was an obvious picture of Lucy and Ethel stuffing candy into their mouths and big chef's hats as the candy kept coming faster and faster, but it was apparently not quite as obvious as I thought. The Action category was especially tricky. Miss Nancy had to draw "convert." Really? Convert? In 2 dimensions? In less than 1 minute? I applaud her devil going to angel, followed by the nun praying, followed by the tiny person about to be baptized by full immersion. Needless to say, time ran out before we could guess "convert." Also in action was the next VERY ALARMING picture, made all the more alarming by the fact that some one's MOM was drawing it. Francie correctly guessed "paddle" though i might be scarred for life This weekend you should dig through your own game cupboard and pull out some beloved game from your past; there's a reason it used to be your favorite. Anybody wanna come over to play Risk?

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