Monday, October 8, 2007

Budding Artist

You might recall that i am rereading my old Trixie Belden mystery series books. Inside of "The Marshland Mystery" i found a piece of paper, about 4X6 that i left in there in 1981. It is an artistic masterpiece of baffling proportions : i do not remember doing it AT ALL. Often i will find old projects that have some element that surprises me; sometimes i will find old poetry or bits of stories that i don't recognize until i've read them a few times and the memory of them is jarred loose. Done in contemporary magic marker this piece reflects my 9 year-old self's sense of color (apparently) and design (yikes). And with the Peter Pan referenced name (printed on the back), it is nice to see that my knack for being familiar, but completely obtuse at the same time was already well developed. For your Monday enjoyment here is my rediscovered artwork. Wow.

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