Thursday, October 25, 2007

TV spot

So how did the TV spot go yesterday, you are wondering. Well, i will say that i definitely prefer performing to an audience instead of a camera. My ear bug had a short so every time i moved my head i lost the studio link so i couldn't hear what the anchors were saying. I had to be here at 6:15am. I felt like a stuttering idiot. I forgot to have Felicia take pictures of the event. Basically it felt terrible. But, the experiment went well and apparently the morning show people talked about it for the rest of the show. I guess that means it went well. The "after" picture of Oscar kinda says it all.


Kaaren said...

Think the tv station will post the video?

Niki said...

I just looked and it isn't there. I'd love to see it cause i couldn't really get the full effect from the back. I'll see if i can find a copy somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I loved it! You were the bomb. I have it taped on my DVR so I can show the kids.
You did wonderfully!

Anonymous said...

who made that box your pumpkin is on? that's really awesome!