Monday, October 8, 2007

word love

I love words - LOVE THEM! I love reading words, writing words, crafting with words. I am in awe of the ability to take an insubstantial thought and fix it to paper with 2-dimensional scratchings of a pen. I love when a turn of phrase captures something or just strikes me the right way. I'm waiting for traffic to die down a bit before i go home to eat Chinese food with my brother as he quickly passes through and am passing the time reading some blogs. Over at hula seventy i read the greatest descriptive phrase that i simply had to share: "...and cuter than cute, cuter than a hundred fluffy bunnies wearing kicky little berets..." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... can't you just see a bunch of rabbits in hats? it's funny. and cute. and alliteration. bunnys... berets... cute... am i alone in this? hello? maybe i need to go home.

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