Tuesday, October 9, 2007

truth in advertising?

Compare the picture of the glitter lamp on the box (left) and the actual glitter lamp (right). Is this a joke? Is this the manufacturer's idea of truth? Where's the sparkle?Where's the glitter? Where's the convection-current-carried joy? It's like a glowing jar of dead sea monkeys.


Rachel said...

It looks a lot better in the dark.

Kaaren said...

Seriously? Bummer. The box looks SOOO much better.

Oh & I got the "skinny" card. Thanks! I love "real" mail.

Anonymous said...

i know exactly what a jar of dead sea monkeys looks like...and that is exactly what you have bought. you have been duped.

Niki said...

No money exchanged hands (thank goodness); i saved this from someone who was moving and looking to off-load some crap.
I hope it looks a LOT better in the dark; especially since the previous owner walked by and said "It worked fine for me the last time i used it; what did you do to it?"