Thursday, October 4, 2007

St Mary's County

Have you been wondering where I have been? The answer is: in southern Maryland for work. The site of the founding of the Maryland colony (when the Ark and the Dove landed there in 16??), Saint Mary's county is a bit of an odd duck county. Located at the very bottom of Maryland's middle peninsula it is both agricultural and water-based; imagine farms and micro-towns surrounded by fishing . We always see beautiful vistas, but there are also strange objects on the side of the road (like an orange recliner in the middle of a field behind someone's garage). Tuesday was gloriously beautiful with sunshine so bright everything seemed to glow and puffy clouds in a sky so blue it makes you wonder if you have ever seen the color "blue" before that moment: We had a long lunch so Felicia and I set off to explore Hurry Rd where there such sights as an autumnal tableau using an old color-coordinating truck a telephone booth with a wicked vintage sign a field of goats and the best-named road EVER Near the end of Hurry Rd we found a picture-postcard perfect brick church Built in 1736 the Christ Church King & Queen Parish, with its white-capped steeple and old cemetery is so ludicrously lovely that it looks like a movie set. Felicia spotted a random chair-on-a-grave while i was captivated by the moss covered angel and had to wonder what the "B" stands for in Hezekiah B. Cawdod stood for. After our second show we changed clothes and drove to Point Lookout, where the Potomac River joins the Chesapeake Bay. The not particularly impressive lighthouse (really a house with a light on it, people) has been there in one form or another since 1830. Edging the bay are amazing marsh grasses that grow taller than people (yes, even people taller than Felicia, who is certainly taller then me) that harbor friendly fauna and perhaps the most hilarious sign ever After the battle of Gettysburg, the Union established a POW camp and depot here. There is a museum about it (that was of course closed) and there is a cemetery and memorial for the 3,384 Confederate soldiers that died there. Yesterday as we were leaving the county i saw a bench in front of a side door of our final school that typifies the entire St. Mary's experience Come visit southern Maryland, won't you?

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