Monday, March 10, 2008

Geeks Ahoy!

Maybe you saw that for Random List month Kate P did a list of how she knows her husband is a geek. I'd like to add to it. Saturday around 9pm i get a call from Jason who wants to know if i want to wait in line with him to buy a Wii at midnight. Yep. Apparently the Palmateers decided that they wanted to get a Wii for Kate's tv (yes, there is so much technology in that house that they have humongous his and hers flat widescreens). Since they are a bit scarce (most retailers around here get a few at a time and sell out immediately) Jason went searching on the Internet. Turns out that Sam's Clubs were getting big shipments and opening at midnight specifically to sell Wiis. Kate wasn't feeling real well (i'm not saying that was a cover story, but she was still up when we got home!) and he wanted company. Sure, i was in mid-project. Sure, i was losing a precious hour of sleep that night to Daylight Savings Time. Sure, i had to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to go to work on Sunday. Sure, it was just about the geekiest request i'd ever heard. But did i go anyway? SURE! Here he is, buying his Wii and Wii Play (with extra wiimote) at 12:06. though you do have to wonder who's geekier - the guy buying the Wii at midnight or the girl taking the picture of the guy buying the Wii at midnight

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