Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Maryland, My Maryland

Happy Maryland Day, people! A state holiday since 1903, Maryland Day celebrates the landing of The Ark and The Dove on March 25, 1634, when English colonists stepped foot on St Clement's Island (in the Potomac) for the first time. That would make us 374 years old and frankly, we look good for our age. Though we don't get the day off (we should) you will often see schools celebrating Maryland Day. Maryland, as I'm sure you know, was one of the original 13 colonies and the 7th state to ratify the US Constitution. Oh, how i love you Maryland. We have mountains (they're wee, but they qualify), oceans, the largest estuary in the US, marshland, farmland, a large-ish city, and the capitol of the US (DC sits on Maryland land). Deserts are pretty much the only thing we don't have. True, we have the most boring state quarter (the state capitol, really?!?), but the National Anthem was written here during a sea battle. My much talked about, but never written, book would be titled I Love Maryland and So Should You and would have have this awesome photo by team member Rob as the jacket art. I could spend an obscene amount of time telling about why Maryland is a great state and sharing interesting tidbits (as the only colony founded by Catholics, the Maryland flagpole is traditionally topped with a cross instead of a sphere), but i'll spare you. However, if you'd like to know why the State Cat is the calico, you can go here for that and other tantalizing Maryland trivia. Thank you for your attention. Fear the Turtle. Rock on Maryland!


srapalmateer said...

Maryland is grand! There really is no other place like good ol' Maryland. In a few hours time, you can be in the mountains or at the beach. Maryland has the best of ALL worlds! (So, when ARE you going to start writing that book?!?!?!)

Erin said...

I too love Maryland...if only it wasn't so expensive to live in!