Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Furniture

Perhaps the greatest thing about being in a job that does not encourage affluence is that people feel compelled to give me things; I have the greatest friends ever. Who knew being poor could pay off? When Steve and Erin moved they bought new living room furniture. What to do with the old stuff? they thought. We'll donate it to charity they thought, which immediately made them think of me. They offered up a sofa, loveseat, ottoman, table and chairs. My current living room configuration offered no room for more furniture. However, the loveseat could certainly be replaced. That piece of furniture was bought in 197... something when i was a kid. I kinda remember getting it, but not really. It lived in the living room until it moved downstairs. Then it moved up to my bedroom, was covered with a pink slipcover and resided in the reading nook for years. Then it moved to my apartment as the main seating in the living room. It may be ugly, but it is the perfect size for me to nap on. Unfortunately, it eats people; once you sit down you might never get back up. I could never afford to replace it, but for free... it was time for the beloved loveseat to go. Ron lives across the street from the Kerst's old house. On Friday we were all off, so we commenced the fun. I drove to Ron's, where we hooked up with Justin for lunch; then off to pick up the loveseat. There was some question about it fitting in the truck, but Ron and Steve worked it with a bungee - notice how the hatch almost closes On to Catonsville! The loveseat is 65X35X35, while my door is 32 inches wide. Does it seem like that might be a problem? There was much discussion, plans made, geometry reviewed and we prepared to fanangle it in. The loveseat, however, strode confidently through the door with no issue and claimed the living room as its own. We took the old loveseat to the dump - sniffle - and then returned home for a well deserved lounge on the new furniture.


Rea said...

Very Pretty!!

Kaaren said...

That's ONE ORANGE couch. The n-to-you one is very pretty.