Monday, March 3, 2008

knit hat

With knitting being such a popular hobby there has been an upswell in the popularity of knit accessories. You can't go anywhere without seeing scarves and hats. Several of the blogs I read have featured knit hats. It is quite fashionable to wear them as full time accessories, not just to go out and play in the snow. I just never really saw the appeal of the knit hat. Last month when i was helping to clear out the antique store there was a knit hat that was being thrown away. I snagged it because there are several team members who currently rock the knit accessories. I wanted to wash it first (cause who knows how much dust was in it) and as it was drying I noticed that it is the same shade of teal of a tank top i own. And a purse. And a sweater. And another sweater's stripe. And a T-shirt. And a v-neck shirt. And a pair of bead earrings. In fact, i realized it was the same color as a lot of things that i own, so i kept it. Saturday night i was wearing the tank top with the striped sweater over it (and the earrings, in fact) so i thought maybe i should try the hat. I have to admit that it looked pretty cute. The picture proves that i need a roommate because i take awful pictures of myself, but it also shows the awesome knit hat. (and yes, i did enjoy playing with Picasa to get the focal B&W)

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srapalmateer said...

Cute hat! (Cute girl too!) ;-)