Sunday, April 20, 2008

ABCs of Rea

I mentioned that i finished a project on Monday that I had been working on for a few weeks. Rickki called yesterday to say it arrived, so now you can all see it. I made her an ABC mini-book of words that describe her. Humility is a great characteristic, but if you are truly humble you may not realize just how amazing you are - Rickki is like that. I thought she needed to see how cool she is, so here is how i made the "ABCs of Rea." First, you need words. I free-wrote how i feel about my best friend, picked out the adjectives and descriptors and then went to the dictionary and thesaurus to fill in all of the letters Yes, i skipped "X" cause i refuse to drop the initial "e" on words like "excellent" and my only other choice was the archaic abbreviation for Christian - Xtn - which is lame. I started with a pack of alphabet index cards punched a standard quarter inch round hole in the upper left corner and sponged sage ink on each card, being sure to use different coverage and to make different patterns on the front and back. I chose a variety of solid and patterned paper that went with the background color I wanted each letter to be different, but super clean and simple so i only used colored pens, sticker letters (love them!!), background stickers and clear epoxy spots Here are a few of the finished pages and my personal favorite, "T" Once all the letters were done I did a cover page and bound the book with a binder ring. I tried to tie on embellishment ribbons a la Kathy Vetters' $8 long-books, but it looked AWFUL (KV - how do you make it look so good? mine were CRAP) so i went with glass circle beads instead. And, in case you are wondering, my BFF is: adorable, artistic, amazing, active, astonishing,awesome, able, active, brave, beautiful, blessed, busy, (bunny), charming, clever, creative, complex, deft, devout, determined, dear, delightful, encouraging, earnest, fine, fiery, fun, faithful, friendly, genuine, gracious, hilarious, humble, handy, hopeful, independent, indispensable, intelligent, inspiring, joyous, jack of all trade (master of many!), key, kin, keen, kind, loyal, (laughs), love, mom-mother-maternal (i couldn't decide which i wanted), magnificent, modest, neato, necessary, natural, observant, open, obliging, outstanding, polite, pleasing, passionate, powerful, quick, quiet, qualified, reverent, radiant, real, remarkable, rare, special, supportive, strong, super, true, talented, thoughtful, tender, unique, unusual, unusual, unpretentious, virtuous, vital, vivacious, valiant, wild, witty, worthy, wonderful, warm, youthful and zesty. I love you, girl - i can't wait to see you in 2 weeks!


Rea said...

love it. LOVE IT! LOVE IT !!!!!

Melanie said...

Wow, it looks fabulous!!