Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring means goats

Many people might not realize that much of Maryland is an agricultural state. We grow a lot of corn and soy commercially, but really flourish in produce. I have no idea how much of our produce gets sold commercially, but i can tell you that there are counties where there are roadside stands every 37 seconds. And i'm talking about big stands with parking lots, not card tables in driveways (though we have those too). On the Eastern Shore the produce market gets especially thick and competing markets try to lure customers with playgrounds, snoballs, ice cream stands, yard art and petting zoos. I knew it was truly Spring when, on the way to our show, team member Felicia and I spotted that Wright's Market had put the goats back in the feeding pen. Obviously they can't leave them out during the winter so when the weather gets nice enough the goats reappear. They have a bunch of goats in their... ummmm... herd? flock? group?... whatever a bunch of goats is called and they only put a few out for the public to feed at a time. Today there were 3 mini goats - 1 grey and 2 white with dark spots, and 1 medium sized goat whose head reached the top of the fence if he stood on his hind legs. yes, their eyes freak me out too, but otherwise they're cute The petting pen is pretty big with places for the goats to eat, sleep and play as well as an awesome climbing apparatus where there are feed troughs that visitors can fill using a massive pulley system we tried to get more pictures, but as you can see from the odd lines my camera started having a nervous breakdown (i would say from sheer joy at the goaty goodness) We of course stopped to feed and pet and play with the goats and to generally enjoy the sunshine before our show. The important thing to remember as you look at the pictures is that Felicia and I were being paid when they were taken.

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