Friday, April 25, 2008

Not a superhero, either

Kaaren posted 5 things she couldn't do, in response to someone commenting that she seemed so perfect. It was informative,as I also find her particularly wonderful in that not quite, but almost annoying way. (Case in point, the next post was about a cake she made - shaped like a WIZARD!) She challenged us to share things we are no good at. (wow, mine is the syntax of that last sentence) Since I normally blog about the coolness in life i though it would be good to share 5 Things That Niki Can't DO 1. cartwheel (try to imagine it... teehee...) 2. snap my fingers (i have the motion, but no sound) 3. play any 2 handed instrument (stupid left hand) 4. touch type 5. hang a spoon from my nose (for some reason this one really bothers me) Okay, people, how do YOU suck?

1 comment:

Kaaren said...

Jake can do the nose to spoon thing. I've never tried.